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Oil Tank Gauge

Oil Tank Gauge

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73.99 Ex VAT
88.79 Including  VAT at 20%

The Apollo Standard consists of a plug-in receiver and transmitter.

10 bar graph level display. Early warning Indication at a pre-determined height above tank bottom. Tank empty warning flashes red LED and audible warning at a pre-determined height from tank bottom.

Tank Depth measurement :
Minimum depth : 0,1 m, Maximum depth : 3 m

Max communication distance:
200m in normal ‘line of sight’ conditions

Power Supply :
Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60Hz, Meets EN60335
Transmitter: 3-volt lithium cell ( 3V-CR2430)

Battery life :
10 years (estimated life)

Wireless communications:
433 mHz.FM transmission, EN 300-220

Max and Min Operation Temp (Transmitter):
Operating temperature range -10° - +60°C.



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